Taking a break from technology; almost impossible (for Generation Z)

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Technology blackout; is that possible?

Let’s start simple. When I woke up in the morning the first thing I would check would be my cellphone. It’s straightforward, really. It started with innocent intention of wanting to know what time it is; but one thing DEFINITELY led to another. When the screen is turned on, there would be notifications! I guess you could see where I’m going with this.
I mean, come on. In the past, our ancestors did not have weather app, but they survived. They could check the news on TV for weather, and other alternatives.

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Is it dangerous?

35% of American reports that they sleep less than 7 hours everyday, and 63% reports that their sleep needs are not being met during the week. What could be the cause? Exactly. Many experts believe that it is the result of excessive use of technology. They believe night time light exposure suppressed the production of melatonin hormone. Reduction in melatonin production is correlated to sleeplessness. However, it is also directly connected to “increase the risk of cancer, impair immune system function, and possibly lead to cardiometabolic consequences such as type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome, obesity, and heart disease.
Therefore usage of cellphone, tablet or computer before sleep would be really dangerous for your psychological and physical health. For example, inflammation of tendons and articular degeneration of in the thumb joint and index fingers have been reported, due to excessive texting.
Many people do not realize this, but even the exposure of house light after the sun is set is already disruptive for our natural melatonin production. However, the electronic devices just make it worse. A solution suggested was installing f.lux on your devices, as it helps the devices to adjust the blue light, which is emitted by electronic devices. Blue light, or short-wavelength is the most suppressive for melatonin production, and by extension, even more dangerous for your health.
Research also found that alone time would benefit our psychological health. Once in a while, we need that alone time, just to get away from the never ending phone-buzzes. Even the most socialite person would eventually need their alone time. People say, solitude aims to attain happiness from the inside.
Overexposure of technology is even more dangerous for developing children. They are still in the developing stage, and technology would hinder the development. Their developing sensory, motor, and attachment system is not biologically ready for the sedentary life that electronic devices may cause. Additionally, it also may lead to obesity, due to the inactivity period when they are engaged in their games.
For high schoolers, it is also getting dangerous at a slightly less alarming level.TVgraphicCHARTS-1523887
Admittedly, I’m far luckier than today’s kids. My first cellphone was given to me when I was in Grade 8, but then, its function was limited to texting and calling; not to mention it was really pricey too. I was already in Grade 10 when I got my first laptop. Smartphone? Sometime around Grade 11.
With the early overexposure of technology in today’s kids, would solitude extinct? Older people who grew up in the more conventional way would yearn the quiet that once was a part of their life, but with today’s technology’s pervasiveness, would kids be able to take a break from technology? Technology certainly has made our lives easier, but again, is it really worth the risk it carries?

Do good. Do charity



UNICEF created a challenge for cellphone owners; for the minutes they resisted on checking their phone, UNICEF’s sponsor would donate a certain amount of money that will be used towards supplies of clean water to the countries in need. It is not exactly a technology blackout, it is more like a social media blackout. This website would reward the people in need when the cellphone owners when they refrained from checking their Facebook, text messages, or emails.